Singapore REIT Investment Strategy

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Why invest in REITs?

REITs have recently become a very popular investing instrument globally, not just for institutional investors, but also for retail investors.

The attractiveness of REITs stem from the underlying holdings of real estate, which have benefitted from large amounts of capital inflows over the last few years.

In addition, REITs are tax efficient vehicles, providing investors with a steady stream of income that can supplement their salary or be a source of money to live off after retirement.


Free Singapore REIT data

PropertyInvestSG provides a free reference of Singapore REIT data for investors. This page provides daily refreshed information of REIT data that can be useful for investors to determine which REITs are worth including in their portfolio. Information includes latest prices, dividend yields, price-to-book ratios and debt to asset ratios.

However, there are many other metrics that are useful for REIT investors to ascertain the attractiveness of a potential investment.

These metrics should not be overlooked by anyone looking to build up a portfolio of REITs that can provide a steady stream of income.


What you will get in the Singapore REIT Investment strategy package

Everything on the the page of free reference of Singapore REIT data for investors, plus the following

1. Additional REIT metrics

  • Revenue and historical growth
  • Net income and historical growth
  • Profit margins
  • Analyst ratings and target prices
  • Return on equity and return on asset ratios

These additional REIT metrics are important because purely buying a REIT based on a high dividend yield or low price-to-book could lead to you falling into the value trap. At the same time, buying a REIT with a low debt to asset ratio could mean the REIT is not efficiently using the available debt headroom it has.

Many metrics need to be looked at in totality to make an informed REIT investment decision. 

To shortcut your REIT investing journey, PropertyInvestSG provides recommendations and starter REITs to add to your portfolio no matter your level of sophistication. 

2. REIT recommendations

  • For starters: 5 REITs to have in your portfolio if you've never bought any REITs before 
  • Best buys of the month: 2 new REIT picks each month
  • Top 10 REITs with the highest/ best analyst ratings to add to your portfolio

3. Exclusive access

  • Access to an exclusive stocks, REIT and property investing community that can answer your queries and remove your doubts about REIT investing
  • Regular virtual sessions with actual REIT managers, buy-side investors, hedge fund managers, sell-side analysts, research professionals and more


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